Half day in sailing boat since 9 pax

We offer you a different plan: enjoy a half-day trip on a beautiful private and new sailboat, only with your friends or family. An unforgettable experience that you will definetely want to repeat.

Departures from Valencia Mar every day, at your preferred schedule: in the morning or in the afternoon.

4-hour day on a BRAND NEW SAILBOAT, totally private, for 9 people maximum, with no one more than the skipper and you on board.

A different activity to do in Valencia at any time, with children, family or friends.

Let yourself be surprised by the options that Valencia can offer you and discover different plans that take you out of the routine.

Available boats


  • Boat for maximum 9 people
  • Skipper
  • Fuel
  • Mooring
  • Insurances
  • Parking
  • VAT


  • Food
  • Drinks



  • Pleasure vessels are small spaces, but very comfortable. For those of you who don’t have experience, the comparison is a caravan, but floats

  • The skipper will be your greatest partner, because he will be in the charge of making your trip unforgettable: it can teach you how to sail and above all, it will guarantee your safety.

  • It’s prohibited to throw papers or any other material or object down the toilets; can cause fatal obstructions. Bins are available in the toilets. And also, please, dont throw anything to the sea. Is our responsability to take care our seas. 

  • Children of any age are permitted on board, under the supervision and resposability of an adult. Plus, they’re very welcome!


Valencia Mar port


Valencia Mar

General conditions

  • Not having made the payment of 100% of the activity
  • Being in a drunkenness state or under the effect of illegal substances.
  • A higher number of crew members than allowed on the boat are found, taking into account their certificate of navigability. In this case, 9 people. 


Cancel conditions



Cancellation for any cause attributable to THE COSTUMER:

o   If it occurs before 30 days of boarding, the cost will be 50% of the rental amount.

o   If it occurs within 30 days of boarding, the cost will be 100% of the rental amount.

In case of adverse weather conditions, Quicksail refunds the totally of money back. 

In cases due to force majeure, Quicksail will look over the individually case to implement a policy adapted to it.